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Teaching Walls

Specially formulated precision writing surface transforms training / conference rooms into wall-to-wall communication tools. 20 year warranty. Surfaces wipe clean with conventional erasers. Can also be used with Triple Erasability® System. Walls won’t stain or discolor even on contact with strong cleaning agents, permanent markers. Do not use abrasives. Whole surface will hold magnetic accessories such as chalk trays, hangers, holders, magnetic buttons, etc.
High quality white porcelain surface available standard.
Special colors available: green, TV blue or TV buff.
Projection quality teaching walls allow you to project slides, films, etc., with good clarity. Premium surface reduces projector “hot spots”. Unique all-purpose porcelain surface has all the superior performance characteristics of traditional enamel on steel. Full length built-in chalk tray available. Please advise when ordering.

Panel Dividers

Panels are joined together using h-shaped divider bars (with write-on/wipe off surface) or flush fitted. Please specify when ordering.


Floor to ceiling and other sizes available on request. Installation built to suit requirements. For quote please supply drawing of wall space.


Please advise:
1) Visuwall or Visucom
2) Type of panel dividers
3) Size of wall height / width
4) If optional chalk tray required
5) If installation required

Note: all prices are subject to change without notice

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