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Safety Scoreboard

Promote the spirit of working safely! Running total of accident-free days encourages your employees to be more conscious of safety. Quality Construction! 20 gauge steel, 20″ width x 28″height, with white lettering on safety-green background. 4 mounting holes. Headings: “This Job”, “This Department” or “This Plant”. Features magnetic base on which you can align powerful magnetized plastic cards with imprinted numbers. Cards are 2″ height. Imprinted numbers are available in Black or Red on White background and White on Black background. Board comes with a set of 90 numbers.
05802028M . . . . . . . $250.00
Extra set of 90 numbers.
247122 . . . . . . . . . . $124.50

Electronic Safety Boards

Track hours or days worked without an accident. Counts up or down from 0 to 999999999. Automatically begins counting when turned on. Example: if you program in message “Days No Accidents”, each day the number will increase. Displays 2 lines 2″ characters or one line 4.5″. Visibility 250 ft. Overall size: 29″ x 3″ x 8.4″, display area: 4.5″ x 25.2″. Characters: 28 (2 lines- 2″ height), 7 (1 line- 4.5″ height). Memory 6K. Includes: hand held keyboard, instructions, and special memory chip. Weight: 11 lbs.
345SAFE . . . . . . . $2150.00

Custom Installations

This company has reduced lost work time and attained objectives in record time. Visual Communication helps chart your progress and meet your objectives … fast! Free systems design service. If you wish we can custom design and build a visual communication system for your special project. Call us – talk to one of our systems analysts – free of charge – with no obligation.

Note: all prices are subject to change without notice

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