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Public Services Repair Dispatch Control Boards

Organize and monitor electronic repairs such as telephone repairs, electric power repairs, or computer repairs with a dispatch control board. On receipt of job order, dispatcher consults map for location of fault and availability of repair crew. He then assigns work crew based on location & type of fault. Dispatch board unit consists of three component boards:
DCB-1 Board: 18″ x 48″. Indicates type and number of fault. Custom numbered grid will be supplied with unit. Specify headings and numbering when ordering. Sample grid for telephone repairs is illustrated.
DCB-2 Board: 48″ x 48″ Holds map of region that company serves. Larger size boards are available.
DCB-3 Board: Available in two styles. Indicates status of repair crews.
Option A: 20″ x 48″. Combination magnetic board / pegboard.
Option B: 30″ x 48″. Magnetic board.
Dispatch board features closing doors, locking casters, satin aluminum and matte black finishing, and woodgrain finish on backs of panels. Complete unit may be purchased already assembled or as separate components.

DCB-3 Option A Component Board

20″ x 48″. Combo magnetic / pegboard. Color coded pegs available in 12 colors. Plug firmly into holes. Easily & quickly relocated.

DCB-3 Option B Component Board

30″ x 48″. All magnetic. Time scale indicated every tenth line. Color coded ceramic magnets have strong holding power (2 poles and 1 face for extra holding power) and can be imprinted.

DCB-1 Component Board

Magnetic. 18″ x 48″.

DCB-2 Component Board

Magnetic. 48″ x 48″. Area Map underlay, transparent overlay with magnetic write-on / wipe off surface with hold down strips.

Note: all prices are subject to change without notice

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