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Health Care Patient Flow Management Systems

Flow Management System (FMS) is used in hundreds of hospitals around the world, as well as by government and other public offices, financial institutions, retail locations and many others. Over 60,000 installations in 50 countries and over 3 billion people use the systems every year. The few components shown here are just the key items, but the BRAIN is the exclusive custom designed software package to solve all your current queuing problems with a far more efficient method of receiving, directing and serving your patients, your staff, and providing a mountain of useful information for the health care institution’s administration. Substantial savings will be achieved in the very first year.

Touch screen kiosks are the heart of the patient flow management system. They provide the client with initial contact of the health care facility. Upon arrival, with or without appointment, they will guide you to the proper entering procedure. No PC needed. All a patient ever needs is programmed into the unit. The dual message board is the second part of the patient notofication process and may include as many units as are required. Large Hi-Definition monitors will continuously update and provide patients and staff with vital information, e.g. ticket number, counter or clinic to visit, as well as promotional messages of the hospital or other “paying” organizations.

Main System Components:

Self-Service Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosk

Information Display

Hi-Definition Monitors